Holly Day Cards – Part Deux

Holly Day Cards are back for Part Deux! This set is packing even more movie quotes from holiday classics. Can you name them all? To make this year's cards even more festive, we added a glow-in-the-dark ink layer to a limited number of prints.

2 color screen-prints with glow-in-the-dark ink. Printed on various colors of French Construction & Pop-Tone 100 C. Cards are enclosed in a 1 color screen-printed flat mailer.

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Tommy_Perez_Holly Day Cards_Deux_OverallTommy_Perez_Holly Day Cards_Deux_EnvelopeTommy_Perez_Holly-Day-Cards_Deux_Believing_1Tommy_Perez_Holly-Day-Cards_Deux_Ho-Ho-Ho_1Tommy_Perez_Holly-Day-Cards_Deux_Eureka_1Tommy_Perez_Holly-Day-Cards_Deux_Midnight-Snack_1 Tommy_Perez_Holly Day Cards_Deux_Envelope_2Tommy_Perez_Holly Day Cards_Deux_Believing_2Tommy_Perez_Holly Day Cards_Deux_Ho-Ho-Ho_2Tommy_Perez_Holly Day Cards_Deux_Ho-Ho-Ho_3Tommy_Perez_Holly Day Cards_Deux_Eureka_2Tommy_Perez_Holly Day Cards_Deux_Midnight-Snack_2Tommy_Perez_Holly Day Cards_Deux_Fan_1Tommy_Perez_Holly Day Cards_Deux_Fan_2Tommy_Perez_Holly Day Cards_Deux_Overall_YellowTommy_Perez_Holly Day Cards_Deux_Fan_Yellow Tommy_Perez_Holly Day Cards_Deux_Black_1